ASME B31.3 – Process Piping Code

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This course provides the participants with a complete and up-to-date overview of process piping design. It covers piping fundamentals, pipe sizing, material selection for corrosion resistance, valve sizing, including relief valves, component selection and the design, fabrication, examination and testing requirements of ASME - B31.3 “Process Piping”.


You will leave the course with a clear understanding of how piping systems fail and what the Code requires the designer, manufacturer, fabricator, supplier, erector, examiner, inspector and owner to do to prevent such failures. A cursory review of “API 570 Piping Inspection Code” will introduce you to the requirements for inspection, repair, alteration and re-rating of existing piping systems.


The course provides a foundation of knowledge for those designers, engineers and managers responsible for the design and construction of new piping systems, as well as those responsible for assuring the mechanical integrity of existing systems.


Module 1: Introduction
History of Piping and Vessel Codes, Scope of B31.3, Definitions, Piping Fundamentals - Pipe Data, Dimensions, Materials, Joints, etc, Pipe sizing, Selection and Sizing of Valves, Corrosion Consideration

Module 2: Design of Piping and Piping Components
Code Design Process, Stress Calculations, Types of Stresses, Piping Design Conditions, Allowable Stress, Joint Efficiency Factors, Design of Standard Piping Components, Design of Nonstandard Piping Components, Piping Joints

Module 3: Flexibility Analysis of Piping Systems
Required Analysis, Allowable Stress Range, Displacement Stress Range, Sustained Load Stress, Occasional Load Stresses, Increasing Flexibility, Pipe Supports

Module 4: Limitations on Piping and Components
Fluid Service Categories, Severe Cyclic Conditions

Module 5: Materials
Introduction, Material Classification Systems and Specifications, Material Requirements of B31.3, Materials Selection, Material Certificates

Module 6: Fabrication, Assembly, and Erection
Introduction, Bending and Forming, Welding Requirements and Processes, Joints, Base Metals, Filler Metals, Positions, Preheat & Interpass Temperatures, Cleaning, Workmanship, Post Weld Heat Treatment

Module 7: Inspection, Examination, and Testing
Introduction, Inspection Versus Examination, Personnel, Requirements, Examination, Testing

Module 8: Piping for Category M Fluid Service
Introduction, Design Conditions, Pressure Design of Metallic, Piping Components, Flexibility and Support of Metallic Piping, Pressure Relieving Systems, Metallic Piping Materials, Fabrication and Erection of Category M Fluid Service Piping, Inspection, Examination, and Testing of Metallic M Fluid Service piping

Module 9. High Pressure Piping
Scope and Definition, Modified Base Code Requirements for High Pressure Piping, Flexibility and Fatigue Analysis of High Pressure Piping

Module 10. Supplemental Owner/User Requirements
Relief System Design, Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Re-rating of In-Service Piping


Will J. Carter, Ph.D., P.E is well versed in the API Codes and Standards. Has 35 plus years professional background in failure analysis, design, repair and construction of process equipment. Expertise in the design, analysis, fabrication, failure investigation, trouble shooting, repair and upgrading of pressure vessels, tanks, pipelines and piping systems. Proven record both within the USA and abroad in the design and maintenance of pressure vessels, aboveground storage tanks, piping systems and pipelines. Active participant on pressure vessel and tank codes and standards Committees and a Registered Mechanical Engineer.



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