Course Durations : 6 Months (2 Months In-Classroom and 4 Months Practical In Industry)
Course Fees : Under PTPK Schemes - Subject to PTPK Terms and Conditions
Note : Fees is including examination.
Monthly Allowance : RM300 / month (for 6 Months)
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In Eddy Current testing electrical currents are generated in a conductive material by an induced magnetic field. Distortions in the flow of the electric current (eddy currents) caused by imperfections or changes in a material’s conductive properties will cause changes in the induced magnetic field. These changes, when detected, indicate the presence of the imperfection or change in the test material.

Typical Applications

- Thickness Determination of Materials
- Conductivity Sorting of Materials
- Inspection of Welds
- Inspection of Aerospace Materials

Industries that use Eddy Current Testing

- Service Inspection Companies
- Smelters & Foundries
- Rolling & Forging Mills
- Petro Chemical & Refineries
- Mining & Mineral Processing
- Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Government Bodies
- Engineering Firms
- Research & Development Facilities
- Education & Training
- Equipment Manufacture & Sales
- Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment


This course prepares a candidate to Perform Surface Eddy Current Inspection and piping inspection
• Perform Specific Calibrations
• Specific NDT
• Specific Evaluations for Accept or Reject Determinations according to written Instructions
• Record Results

Who Should Attend

This is an excellent course for those wishing to pursue a career or renewing credentials in the NDT nondestructive testing industry, Beginning Service Technicians, anyone involved in commercial, military, petrochemical, aircraft and aerospace inspection industries, and all those wishing to pursue a career in NDT Nondestructive testing, and facility personnel who are responsible for application of Eddy Current tests or oversight of their application.


Training material is presented in modules that are followed by quizzes

Personnel Certification

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 2 
Training, experience and examination requirements
Training Requirements

• Recommended Course Outline
• Training Hours
• Practical
• Quizzes and examinations

Manufacturing Discontinuities

• Types of Discontinuities: Inherent, Processing and Service
• Casting Discontinuities: Hot Tear, Cold Shut, Porosity, Shrinkage
• Primary Processing Discontinuities including discontinuities in Rolling, Forging, Drawing, Extruding
• Secondary Processing Discontinuities including discontinuities in Grinding, Heat Treating, Machining, Welding, Plating
• Service Discontinuities:- Erosion, Wear, Fatigue, Corrosion, Creep

General Training

• Electrical Parameters
• Resistance
• Inductance
• Impedance


• Faraday’s Law
• Lenz’s Law

Eddy Current Theory

• Generation of Eddy Currents
• Impedance changes by Eddy Currents
• Effect of change of impedance on instrumentation

Impedance Curves

• Conductivity Curve
• Lift Off Curve
• Permeability

Types of Eddy Current Sensing Elements

• Probes

  • Absolute
  • Differential
  • Lift-off

• Theory of operation


• Inspection of Non-Ferromagnetic Materials
• Inspection of Ferromagnetic Materials

Special Probes

• Lift Off Insensitive
• Fastener Probes-Ring Probe

Calibration Standard

• Conductivity Standards
• EDM notch Surface Standards


• Surface and Coating Inspection
• Inspection of Piping

Surface Weld Examination

Specific Training

• Surface ECT Procedure
• ASTM E426

Practical Training

• Setting up the Instrument
• Selection of Frequency
• Calibrations
• Test on Various Samples
• Prepare test Report


• General
• Specific
• Practical Tests

Candidates must score a minimum of 70% in each examination

General Information

Recommended Pre Course Study
- Basic Mathematics – Trigonometry and Algebra
- Basis Electrical Theory – Volt, Amp, Resistance, Impedance, Inductance







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